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Hirshman Communications, a boutique firm, has been at the forefront of shaping public narratives in Israel. Our campaigns don’t just make waves; they’re etched into public consciousness, transforming businesses and organizations into influential voices. Your story is our guiding star. We’re dedicated to broadcasting it loud and clear, ensuring you’re the talk of the town. With years of industry experience, we’ve honed the art of ideation, problem-solving, and goal achievement, always with an eye on the media spotlight.

We are not AI. Meet the faces behind Hirshman Comm.

Guiding our team are Nir Hirshman and Omer Dubev, veterans in the realm of communications and public relations. Hirshman brings a wealth of experience from advising political leaders to spearheading major public campaigns. Dubev, a top-tier communications strategist, has shaped the PR narratives for leading institutions and government agencies. Together, they drive our agency’s vision and success.

Nir Hirshman

CEO, Partner, and Senior Communications Advisor

Former communications advisor to Minister Michael Eitan and spokesperson for the Knesset Education Committee. Led numerous public campaigns, including the fight against the biometric database, a campaign for the recognition of digital currencies in Israel, and others.

Ronan Kaplan

Senior Communications Advisor

Specializes in public relations and spokespersonship in economics, technology, credit market, crypto, social entities, hospitality, art, and commercial networks.

עומר דובב

Omer Dubev

Partner and Professional Manager

Senior Communications Consultant with experience in managing public relations and spokesperson roles for large organizations. Has worked with government offices, leading financial entities, academic institutions, and more.

Ori Hirshman-Rub

Office Manager, Finance, and Employee Welfare

Office Manager, Finance, and Employee Welfare. The heart of the office.

Israeli Crypto, Blockchain, and Web 3 Forum

In 2021, Nir Hirschman, alongside Shaoli Rajwan and the Israeli Bitcoin Association, launched the Crypto Companies Forum, focusing on Blockchain and Web 3 technologies. This initiative champions the Israeli industry by advocating for regulatory reform and advancement in the crypto and blockchain sectors. It’s a testament to our commitment to the burgeoning fintech industry in Israel, striving to maintain its momentum and secure its place as a global leader in innovation.

Are you ready to elevate your story?

Join us for a bespoke consultation where we’ll tailor a strategic plan to your specific needs. We’re all about crafting strategies with a personal touch – think custom-fit solutions with a dash of New York flair. Let’s ditch the metaphors and get down to business. Let’s meet and make headlines!

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