Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on the Website

Who are we?

A public relations office providing services to clients seeking media coverage.

Do you have to provide us with information?

According to Section 11 of the Privacy Protection Law, any inquiry for information about you must inform you whether there is a legal obligation to provide the information or if it is voluntary. In this case, there is no obligation to provide the information, and its disclosure depends on your free will.

What personal information do we retain about you?

When you use our services and contact us, we may store information about you, including identifying information such as your full name, contact details, and any information provided during the service or through contact forms.

What non-identifying information is stored about you?

Non-identifying information may still reveal details about you. We retain technical information, such as browser type, device settings, viewed pages, service usage, and other technical data received during communication with you.

How is information about you collected?

The way information is collected affects the considerations in using our services. It’s important to provide accurate information about the collection of your data. We only collect information provided to us during the use of our service.

How is your information used?

The way we use information about you affects various choices, including service provision, advertising, marketing, sales, creating profiles for better service, and, if requested by you, transferring information to specific entities.

Who else has access to the information?

Third parties are external services with access to information that assist us in providing the service. Each signs a document called a “Data Processing Agreement,” and in an optimal scenario, there is a suitability check according to the Privacy Protection Authority guidelines. In our case, we allow access to certain third parties, including Google Analytics for statistical services and Elementor for website support.

How can we contact you?

The more often we send inquiries, the more you may feel disturbed, and your privacy may be compromised. We periodically send updates via email and newsletters, and you can always request removal from our mailing list. If the information has been transferred to third parties, removal will also apply to them. We may still contact you if a competent authority requests it.

Can you review, correct, or update your information?

According to Section 13 of the Privacy Protection Law, you have the right to review the information stored about you. According to Section 14, you can update or correct outdated information. While there is no legal obligation to delete information, if you approach the Privacy Protection Supervisor, we can provide a specific response to this issue.

What about cookies?

Cookies are small files planted on your computer, allowing us to save details like login and connection information on each page. However, malicious actors can use cookies to track you across the network. In our service, we only use our own cookies.

What about security incidents?

Currently, Israeli law doesn’t require a database owner to inform you of data security incidents but requires reporting to the Privacy Protection Authority. However, having a database owner who keeps you updated on security events can provide better protection. In our case, we comply with legal obligations and report when required by an authorized authority. Complaints will be examined at our discretion.

Privacy Protection Supervisor

Privacy Protection Supervisor in Nirshman Database is Nir Hirshman Roob. You can contact him at

Changes and Updates

As changes and updates occur in this document, we will notify you promptly through our website or by sending a message to all our users.

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